Government Officials Drive The George Soros Foundation Out Of Hungary

Pauline Gross
May 16, 2018

The proposals include a special tax on such NGOs, secret service surveillance of their staff, and a ban on any individuals deemed to be involved in "illegal immigration" from Hungary and its border zones. The move represents another example of the battle between Prime Minister Viktor Orban and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Rights groups in Hungary and overseas have denounced the proposals as a way of cracking down on groups critical of the government.

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Before the election, Orban's political campaign vilified Soros, and his activity supporting civil society, on billboards nationwide.

The prime minister views Soros as an intruder into the country's domestic politics, which are more and more being painted by Europe's growing 2015 migrant crisis.

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"The so-called Stop Soros package of laws is only the latest in a series of such attempts".

Hungarian-American financier George Soros" "Open Society Foundations' network - which funds liberal causes such as the defense of human rights, education, criminal justice reform and better public health standards - announced Tuesday that it will close their offices in Budapest over government legislation targeting its efforts. Open Society Foundations said Tuesday that it would seek legal routes to challenge the new legislation.

The campaign was criticized in the Hungarian Jewish community as having anti-Semitic overtones.

A loose-knit group of George Soros-financed foundations is leaving Hungary as the government's nationalist leader continues cracking down on the billionaire's influence in the country.

The prestigious Soros-founded Central European University is also waging a battle against Orban after a higher education law was passed past year that it says threatens its survival in Hungary.

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