Did Trump just call illegal immigrants 'animals'?

Pauline Gross
May 17, 2018

"You've gone through a lot, too, although it's become quite popular what you do".

But those who want to see the president take a more compassionate approach on immigration see statements like this as conflating the minority of undocumented immigrants who get involved with criminal activity with the "dreamers" and other law-abiding immigrants. In today's meeting he attacked California's immigration policy as providing "safe harbor to some of the most vicious and violent offenders on earth". The administration has been highly critical of the state laws describing them as "radical" policies that endanger the lives of local law enforcement and the immigrant communities themselves. "Just a few weeks later, he was arrested again, this time for murder".

He also said three of the people ICE could not locate the day of the raid have since reoffended, with one of them arrested for robbery and multiple weapons violations. Last week, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen reportedly threatened to resign after being berated by Trump for not doing enough to stop illegal immigration.

"We've created a situation where Governor Brown makes San Diego a great place to commit a crime because you can either be across the border in a matter of minutes and shielded by Mexico or you have the option of staying put", Gaspar said.

The state's Democratic leadership argues that it is the federal government that is tramping on the state's right to enforce its own laws and protect public safety. "We're done", Hackbarth-McIyntyre said. "You know, we would really appreciate any direct or indirect funding, any sort of fiscal help you could provide for us".

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Newsom said the president was "cherry-picking a few right-wing electeds from a state of 39 million people".

Hanford is one of the first cities within the central valley to openly oppose sb 54, a law that limits cooperation by local law enforcement with immigration authorities. That clause gives federal law precedence over state measures. "A local ordinance is preempted by state law, and therefore invalid, when it 'duplicates, contradicts or enters an area fully occupied by general law, either expressly or by legislative implication"'.

They were responding to legislation signed into law by Gov.

Sam Abed, the mayor of Escondido, said before the sanctuary law passed, city officials regularly worked with ICE to see 2,700 illegal immigrant criminals deported, which he attributed to lowering crime rates back to 1980s levels.

"Flying in a dozen Republican politicians to flatter him and praise his reckless policies changes nothing", he continued. "We, the citizens of the fifth largest economy in the world, are not impressed", Democrat Jerry Brown tweeted on Wednesday.

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