Europe seeking quick solution to save Iran nuclear deal: Mogherini

Pauline Gross
May 17, 2018

Meanwhile, the Zarif and his European interlocuters "regretted the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear deal and recognized that the lifting of nuclear-related sanctions and the normalization of trade and economic relations with Iran constitute essential parts of the agreement", said the website.

Theresa May also challenged Mr Trump on the impact that sanctions could have on United Kingdom firms doing business in Iran during a phone call last week. "It's not right to cancel this agreement in this situation now", she said.

Their discussions on Iran will come a day after Tehran's foreign minister held talks in Brussels with his British, French and German counterparts in a bid to salvage the deal that Trump has pulled out of.

On Tuesday night, after the meeting, Ms. Mogherini said that the foreign ministers had agreed to begin work, to "find solutions in the next few weeks", on issues like Iran's energy sales, banking transactions, export credits and investment, and protections for European companies working in Iran.

Merkel described the deal as "everything other than ideal", but argued that worldwide nuclear authorities said Iran was sticking to its commitments.

While she noted that the European Union can not provide legal and economic guarantees to Iran after the USA withdrew from the accord, she noted that the European Union and the Iranian side would continue to work "seriously and decisively" to keep investment flowing. "But we still think that, with the agreement, we would have better preconditions to speak with Iran about further agreements than by unilaterally canceling an agreement that was unanimously approved and endorsed in the U.N. Security Council".


EU President Donald Tusk said the leaders in Sofia would "reflect on recent global developments, in particular following President Trump's announcements on Iran and trade as well as the latest, dramatic events in Gaza".

Trump's decision to abandon the 2015 nuclear accord risks exposing European countries that have since invested in Iran to renewed US sanctions, after "wind-down" periods of three to six months expire. With the dollar playing the leading role on worldwide financial markets, re-imposing sanctions would mean cutting Iran off from the global financial system.

"From next week, intensive expert meetings will start in Europe".

Tehran had refused to follow that plan by trying to save the deal with its remaining signatories, he said.

-While the European Union is a major economic power, it is not a united entity politically, economically and socially because of internal rivalry and differences among the member states and gaps and differences have been increasing over the recent years due to the European Union economic crisis, refuge crises, the US President's unilateral policies and rising of the rightist groups in Europe.

Germany pushed back against Washington's rejection of historic Iran nuclear deal on Wednesday, saying the accord helped world leaders deal with concerns it has with the Islamic Republic.

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