GONE VIRAL: Audio Clip Spurs Social Media Debate Over 'Yanny' Or 'Laurel'

Angelica Greene
May 17, 2018

A low-quality audio clip first uploaded to reddit has people all across the country hearing two totally different words After much debate in the LEX 18 newsroom, we made a decision to take it to the experts.

The video below illustrates this pretty well: By slowing down and speeding up the audio (which changes the sound's pitch), you can start to hear the word differently (at least, I did). Well, social media's newest sensory debate involves what you hear instead of what you see. Forget that banal blue/white dress fiasco (and for the record, it was definitely blue), now it is all about Yanny-Laurel. Beck says that while people think hearing occurs in the ear, both hearing and listening actually occur in the brain.

I have this theory that it's 100 percent, undeniably Laurel and in some worldwide conspiracy, half the world with an internet connection got sent an email encouraging people to just say it's Yanny for the lols.

The original word on Vocabulary.com is "Laurel", but according to a reply RolandCamry posted on Reddit, his sister heard the word "Yanny".

The audio file in question has taken social media by storm, putting countless people at odds over what exactly is being said.

What do you hear?

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Either way, it's pretty insane that the person sitting beside you might be hearing something completely different than you hear! It's laurel, folks. Sorry, team yanny.

You can listen to how it sounds originally here, and if you're a yanny-truther out there, I offer up my sincerest apologies. The other group would bet their firstborn the voice was saying "Laurel".

The audio-frequency patterns of both words, when spoken by the researcher, are fairly similar. The choices: Yanny or Laurel.

He said he was playing the audio for "Laurel" and his sister asked why he was playing the word "Yanny".

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