US Air Force apologizes for 'Yanny or Laurel' Afghan war tweet

Pauline Gross
May 18, 2018

"Afghan A29's and MI-17's conducted multiple airstrikes during the Afghan-led offensive in Farah". "Video shows USA airpower (MQ-9s) in support", declared a short message accompanying the video, which was posted on the official account of the US military in Afghanistan.

"Twelve more Taliban commanders were injured in this strike". While the US military often releases footage of buildings or vehicles being destroyed, it does not as frequently distribute videos that show individuals being bombed.

The U.S. Air Force walked back a tweet Thursday about the viral debate over whether a sound clip sounds like the word "Yanny" or "Laurel".

"The Taliban Forces in Farah city #Afghanistan would much rather have heard #Yanny or #Laurel than the deafening #BRRRT they got courtesy of our #A10", the Air Force said in the now-deleted tweet.

But at 1:28 p.m., the Air Force tweeted again that it had removed the tweet with an apology. The USFOR-A tweet remains. "It has since been removed", the followup tweet said.

An Air Force official told ABC News that the tweet was written by a public affairs airman.

"Our Afghan partners" success in places like Farah are a testament to the tremendous improvement in the Afghan national army, Afghan special security forces and the Afghan air force, ' Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said. Some people hear "Yanny", while others hear "Laurel".

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Yanny or Laurel? Soundbite still has internet divided
The original recording was someone saying the word Laurel but with higher frequencies overlaid to provide ambiguity. But by reading the words beforehand you are primed to hear one or the other. "All I hear is Yanny", she said.

But the background of the battle in Farah is stark.

As if the internet wasn't already enough of a divisive hellscape, an audio clip emerged online earlier this week, splitting public opinion in a way not seen since the "What colour is this dress?" scandal of 2015. For instance, U.S. Pacific Command has tweeted pictures of the nuclear-capable B-52 bomber when it takes part in joint military exercises with South Korea.

The U.N. investigators could not confirm if the casualties were all civilians or whether Taliban leaders had been present at the time of the airstrike.

Trump says his tough language and threats, along with expanded sanctions, helped persuade Pyongyang to participate in upcoming nuclear negotiations with the U.S.

"As Secretary Mattis has said, we stand by the Afghan people, we stand by the Afghan government and the - and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation mission in Afghanistan will continue as we drive the Taliban to a political settlement".

The "BRRT" in the Air Force Tweet referenced the sound made by the 30mm rotary nose cannon of the A-10, commonly called the "Warthog" and considered the nation's premier close-air support weapon. For some, the more conciliatory approach was preferable. "So you usually don't spike the ball in the end zone".

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