Breast Cancer study days some patients may not need chemo

Ebony Scott
June 8, 2018

Carolina's Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, said she'd be quite comfortable counseling patients to bypass chemo if they had been like those from the study who didn't gain from it.

Rachel Rawson, from the charity Breast Cancer Care, said: "Every day, women with certain types of breast cancer face the bad dilemma of whether or not to have the treatment, without hard facts about the benefit for them".

"Chemotherapy is not without its side effects, but it's still a discussion that a woman has to have with her physician", said Dr. Stephanie Bernik, chief of surgical oncology at Lenox Hill Hospital. At five years, the overall survival rate was 98.0 percent for those who received hormone therapy alone and 98.1 percent for those who received both therapies, and at nine years the respective overall survival rates were 93.9 percent and 93.8 percent.

"The results of PREOPANC trial certainly strengthens the argument for it", said Chang.

Care in cancer isn't a one size fits all, so even though this study has been labeled a breakthrough, Dr. Schmidt says its important to discuss all options and the study criteria with an oncologist.

The results of the trial suggest that up to 85 percent of women with early breast cancer can be spared chemotherapy - especially those over 50 years of age.

A low test score means patients can forgo the treatment, as well as its toxic side effects, while a high score means women would greatly benefit. The money was used to pay for the gene test, which costs more than $4,000 per person.

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Dr. Chang, who leads part of Cancer Research UK's Precision Panc trial, said many different treatment combinations for pancreatic cancer are now emerging and further work is needed to see which may benefit patients most before surgery. At the time of the study, doctors didn't know if chemotherapy would benefit women with intermediate risk.

The patients affected by these new study results are those with estrogen-sensitive breast cancers who also test negative for the HER2 gene.

10 decades back in Montefiore and has been assigned to the team awarded chemo.

"Testing solved a large issue of figuring out that desires chemo, said Lots of women believe" if I do not get chemotherapy I will die, and when I get chemo I'm likely to be treated", but the results show there is a sliding scale of advantage and sometimes not one, " he explained.

"I was a little relieved". Her hair fell out, she developed an infection and was hospitalized for a low white blood count, "but it was over fairly quickly and I'm really glad I had it".

She says without this new research, all she could do was follow her doctors' recommendations.

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