Republican budget on course to soon reach Gov. Cooper

Pauline Gross
June 8, 2018

Political Data Inc., which compiles figures from county election offices, reported this week that 4.84 million of California's 19 million voters declared they had no party preference while 4.77 million registered as Republican at the close of registration for the June 5 primary. Once that's all done, the measure will go to Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper. Will Democratic enthusiasm be a blessing or a curse? And while we're at it, some Republicans have chosen to believe that Trump's outbursts, off-key rants and narcissistic exclamations infuriate only the people who a lot of GOP voters think deserve to be infuriated. So, if he faces off against a Republican it seems like it's a pretty good bet for him. This suggests that despite the similarities, Republicans tend to be performing at least somewhat better.

It also meant Republicans wouldn't have their own political problems having to defend "no" votes on Democratic amendments heading to November.

The bill funnels $241 million in lottery profits for local school construction. Democrats have increased by 13 points, with only 64% agreeing with the significance of moral leadership during the Clinton era versus 77% during Trump's presidency.

In a unusual twist, Cisneros' campaign accused Thorburn's campaign of releasing a fake voicemail with a man purporting to be Cisneros. The state is so Democratic that he would probably have a fairly comfortable race there.

The budget has all the things the Democrats want, he said. Another Democrat, pediatrician Mai Khanh Tran, is being backed by EMILY's List and has listed herself on the ballot as "Doctor/Mother/Teacher". So they are really trying to get him into the top two because they see an opportunity there to then appeal to Republicans and make a really competitive race against Gavin Newsom.

Women emerge from party primary elections
The deep blue state enjoys a system that selects the top two qualifiers for the general election ballot by most votes garnered. But for the second straight election, Republicans could not get a candidate through to the general election for the Senate.

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Val Kilmer is back in action with Tom Cruise with " Top Gun: Maverick ", the sequel to the 1986 hit Jerry Bruckheimer production. Production has kicked off, as Tom Cruise has given fans a look at the first image from the movie.

Trump asks if Canada burnt down White House in call with PM
At least one European company and a US counterpart have already sued in a USA federal court, claiming that Mr. Macron has previously accused China of pursuing hegemony in Asia.

Former Kansas candidate for Governor Paul Davis filed Thursday as a Democrat candidate for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District.

Bryan Caforio is the most progressive of the Democrats running here. But that was before he made a decision to defy party leaders and President Trump on immigration. But Democrats here can't figure out the right way to campaign against a Republican like Knight. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the House Majority PAC have hammered Baugh with negative ads to ensure that Rouda slides into second place. On the Democratic primary ballot are Mikie Sherill of Montclair, Mark Washburne of Mendham, Tamara Harris of Verona, Alison Heslin of Sparta and Mitchell Cobert of Morristown. So there will be eight Democrats listed, and the possibility for a major splintering of the vote. "The answer lies not so much in what California Republicans have done, but the national party writ large", Whalen said. She's been in office for more than a quarter-century. It was a crowded field from the beginning, with Democratic candidate Doug Applegate, a retired Marine colonel who almost beat Issa in 2016; environmental attorney Mike Levin; and Paul Kerr, a wealthy real estate investor. Regardless, if one doesn't count the six "clear" flukes, the Democrats' actual gain was 24 seats, which would barely be enough for them to win the House today.

This is a movie that Democrats have seen before. She brought her own considerable resources to the race, and in the closing weeks, EMILY's list spent a half-million on ads to support her bid.

The North Carolina Republican Party executive director says the political future of Democrats could be on the line when they vote on a proposed budget with raises for teachers, the lowest-paid state employees, more money for school safety and more money for community colleges and public universities. They're also angry that Republicans used parliamentary procedures to prevent any bill changes.

Their job is to get hold of at least one lever of power - the House or the Senate - in order to oust the most corrupt Republican lawmakers who lead key committees, to properly oversee the most reckless Cabinet secretaries, like Scott Pruitt, and to protect the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department and Robert Mueller from Trump's intimidation.

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