Trump wants Russian Federation to rejoin G-7

Ivan Schwartz
June 10, 2018

"Canadians are polite, we are reasonable, but we will also not be pushed around".

The Prime Minister's Office responded by saying Trudeau has been consistent with Trump.

The G7 summit in Canada has ended in the escalation of a row over trade with US President Donald Trump withdrawing support for a communique, citing "false statements" by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In a wide-ranging news conference at the G7 summit in Quebec, Trump said Canada and other G7 countries - historically his country's closest allies - have treated the US like a "piggy bank that everyone's robbing. the gig is up".

In a second tweet, Trump said that Trudeau acted "meek and mild" during the G7 summit and that the United States tariffs were in response to Canada's 270% tariff on dairy products. "Our tariffs are in response to his 270 percent on dairy".

Trump was on board Air Force One when he issued a series of tweets on Saturday, attacking Trudeau who he called "very dishonest" and "weak" and apparently pulling out of the joint statement.

French President Emmanuel Macron, whose country will host next year's summit in summer in the Atlantic resort of Biarritz, had no comment on Trump's tweets but had already said work would continue to find a consensus on trade.

"The officially in a trade war with Canada", Buzzfeed reporter David Mack wrote in response to Trump's tweet.

"I said very simply that it is not something we are even remotely interested or looking at this time to have Russian Federation returned to the G7", Trudeau said at the press conference following the two-day summit". "Only to give a news conference after I left saying that "us tariffs were kind of insulting" and "he will not be pushed around".

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Media captionWho left their mark on President Trump at the G7 summit?

We are focused on everything we accomplished here at the #G7 summit.

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The US president did not appear to be listening during some of the trade presentations, another G-7 official familiar with the meeting said. At one point, the agreement states, "we acknowledge that free, fair and mutually beneficial trade and investment, while creating reciprocal benefits, are key engines for growth and job creation".

Mr Trump has long said the North American Free Trade Agreement has been a "disaster" for the U.S. and has insisted that it be renegotiated.

But despite the rows over trade and Russia, Trump rated his relationship with other G7 leaders as 10 out of 10.

On Friday, Mr Trump made a surprise call for Moscow to be readmitted but German Chancellor Angela Merkel said other members were against the idea.

According to Trump, who blamed the USA leaders who preceded him for the current trade deficits, the answer is a change in the entire worldwide trading system.

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