Instagram model, 19, bitten by shark while taking photos in Bahamas

Ruben Ruiz
July 12, 2018

A model from Houston says she loves sharks even after she was bitten by one in the Bahamas.

The 19-year-old from California was on vacation with her boyfriend and his family when she heard that swimming with nurse sharks was a fun and safe activity.

Katarina was attacked by a shark all of a sudden which held her underwater for a few seconds and managed to tear her wrist from its grip. "I am so fortunate that I still have my arm and my life".

Zarutskie - a Laguna Beach resident - was on vacation with her boyfriend and his family in the Bahamas and looking for the ideal Instagram shot. Her boyfriend's dad, who was photographing the whole thing, captured the moment the shark bit her and pulled her away.

"They are wild animals, and it's an uncontrollable situation", she said.

There is actually a sign at the marina telling people that the sharks do occasionally bite, and that people swim at their own risk, but Katarina claims that she didn't see it.

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Revealing all to Buzzfeed, she said: "Nurse sharks are calm creatures", adding that she had seen photos of people swimming next to them before. Katarina posted them to social media, where she's been overwhelmed with comments asking for details.

The shark grabbed her and took her under the water.

When asked why she went ahead anyway, she replied, "It's just a once-in-a-lifetime experience". I've been blessed and given this opportunity and I just want to figure out a way to use this as a positive platform to bring awareness to sharks and to the ocean and to the dying reef. I don't know where to look. "When I got out of the water and realized I had all of my fingers and my wrist and I could move it I just felt so blessed that it wasn't a more risky and morbid situation", she tells us.

Nurse sharks are slow-moving bottom-dwellers that grow to around 2.5 metres long.

As we learned from an interview Zarutskie gave with Kelly-Leigh Cooper at the BBC, she needed stitches after the bite.

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