Fox News trumpets video of Trump trashing CNN as 'fake news'

Pauline Gross
July 14, 2018

He said that because of all the "fake news" that seems to follow him along like a bad rash all his interviews are now recorded by his staff, namely press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and that the press was welcome to "enjoy them" if they didn't believe him.

"In today's press conference, I paused while my colleague from CNN went back and forth with President Trump over a question", Roberts said. "I don't take questions from CNN", Trump declared. Roberts proceeded to ask Trump about US and Russian Federation relations.

Roberts responded to the criticism in a statement to Business Insider on Friday.

If they do a deal like that, it will most likely-because we'll be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the United Kingdom, so it will probably kill the deal with-if they do that, their trade deal with the probably not be made.

Trump turned around and answered yes. "John Roberts from Fox", he continued.

"Lesson for the kids out there: no one should ever try to do the right thing with the expectation it will ever be reciprocated", Tapper wrote.

"Can I ask you a question?". It hasn't happened to any appreciable degree.

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Later, CNN's Jim Acosta attempted to ask trump a question, and Trump refused to take a question from the network and instead called on Fox News' John Roberts.

Roberts also referenced his own previous role at CNN. "There are some fine journalists who work there and risk their lives to report on stories around the world", Roberts said. "To issue a blanket condemnation of the network as "fake news" is also unfair", he said.

When NBC's Kristen Welker asked Trump about his comments bashing his North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, including May, Trump accused Welker of misrepresenting what he said. She is honest as the day is long.

"You have spent the week taking on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, criticizing Prime Minister May on her own soil, and I wonder are you giving Russian President Vladimir Putin the upper hand heading into your talks, given that you are challenging these alliances that he seeks to break up and destroy?" Welker was cut off when she tried to reply.

But the incident was widely covered, including by CNN, who featured Acosta reacting directly and suggesting that the president's comment itself was "fake news".

During his opening remarks, President Trump stressed that the relationship with the United Kingdom is better than ever and backed Prime Minister May's handling of Brexit.

All of the cable news networks, along with ABC, CBS and NBC, carried the news conference live.

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