Alabama man’s 32-kilometre walk to work attracts praise, new auto

Pauline Gross
July 18, 2018

Pictures of the meeting were shared by the Pelham Police Department yesterday, July 16, showing a tearful Walter after receiving his auto.

Carr told Jenny Lamey that he and his family had moved to Alabama after they lost their home in Hurricane Katrina.

According to Lamey, Carr was reluctant to share the story with his co-workers but when they found out, they were equally impressed. So he recorded his answers again.

On the night before he would begin a new job at Bellhops moving company, the college student's 2003 Nissan Altima unexpectedly broke down. Not knowing anybody on the moving team, Carr didn't call them for a ride.

Marklin met Carr on Monday to thank him and made a decision to gift him his personal Ford Escape.

Walter shakes hands with Officer Mark Knighten who saw Carr on the side of the road and picked him up to bring him to breakfast.

Carr told him he was walking to work and still had and other fifteen miles to go.

Officers Carl Perkinson and Klint Rhodes pulled up shortly after, the Pelham police added, and all three officers took the young man to breakfast.

"I think there's a decision you make that just feel like the right thing and when we were talking about our options I just knew that the vehicle I had was going to be in better use with him then with me", Marklin added.

Pelham Police Department
Pelham Police Department

"I said, 'I just paid my rent".

She said while waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive, they started to chat, and Lamey learned that Carr is a Marine. Carr declined, saying he'd had a four-hour nap the night before and was ready to get started with the move. "I wanted to show them that I have the dedication, and that I always have in my life and that I am going to get to this job one way or the other", he told WBMA.

So he gave Carr his own 2014 Ford Escape. I can't imagine how many times on that lonely walk down 280 in the middle of the night did he want to turn back'. "Nothing is impossible unless you say it's impossible".

Knighten and officers Klint Rhodes and Carl Perkinson then took Carr to a church so he could be in a safe place before it was time to go to work, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

His story began early Saturday morning.

"I'm still in shock", he said. ". It's that "Never die" attitude".

Walter's story has gone viral thanks to a post on Facebook by the woman he was supposed to help move out, on his first day with the Bellhops moving company.

'This was the first job in a long time to give me an opportunity to get hired, ' he said.

"The grit and heart Walter showed defines Bellhops' culture precisely ..." "Whatever challenges God puts in front of me I know its for a reason". When I read Walter's story, it was something that I wasn't even sure that I would do.

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