Ben Sasse: America Is 'Not To Blame' For Russia's 'Soviet-Style Aggression'

Pauline Gross
July 18, 2018

"Would you now, with the whole world watching, tell President Putin, would you denounce what happened in 2016, and would you warn him to never do it again?"

Putin said the U.S. and Russian Federation could collaborate to "establish peace and reconciliation" in Syria, with Trump adding by working together to end the conflict, the USA and Russian Federation could "save hundreds of thousands of lives". He went on to say that Trump and Putin "seemed to be speaking from the same script" and Trump made a "conscious choice to defend a tyrant". Tammy Baldwin was critical of President Trump's comments.

Trump and Putin "spent a great deal of time" discussing allegations of Russian election meddling as they met for several hours Monday, the US president said. "For the president of the United States to side with President Putin against American law enforcement, American defense officials, and American intelligence agencies is thoughtless, dangerous, and weak".

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave President Donald Trump a World Cup soccer ball during a press conference Monday in Helsinki - which the U.S. leader said he'd gift to his son.

Coats wasn't the only intelligence official questioning Trump's assertion.

Putin "is to blame for Russia's poor relations with the United States and the rest of the free world", Tillis said, pointing to the Russian invasion of Crimea, its efforts in Syria and its election meddling as examples of poor behavior.

Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., the ranking member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, called the news conference a "disgrace".

'As I said today and many times before, 'I have GREAT confidence in MY intelligence people.' However, I also recognize that in order to build a brighter future, we can not exclusively focus on the past - as the world's two largest nuclear powers, we must get along!

The CNN anchor said Trump was like "Rain Man" in the way he returns to the subject of Hillary Clinton's email server.

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The Wisconsin Republican says the American intelligence community and the House Intelligence Committee agree that Russian Federation interfered in the election. "We must make clear that the United States will not tolerate hostile Russian activities against us or our allies".

Schumer described himself as "appalled" by Trump's performance at a joint press conference with Putin during which the USA leader refused to state Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 election and contradicted his own intelligence agency bosses.

Clapper described Putin as an "arch enemy of the United States" who seeks to undermine its democracy and elections. "Russian Federation attempted to undermine the fundamentals of our democracy, impugn the reliability of the 2016 election, and sow the seeds of discord among Americans", Gowdy said in a statement. The president's press conference today was an embarrassment.

Putin added Russian Federation would be ready to analyse any findings together with the US.

Speaking on Monday, President Putin offered to allow U.S. investigators to visit Russian Federation to question the officers.

Another Republican senator, Jeff Flake, called Mr Trump's words "shameful" on Twitter.

Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., also condemned Trump's comments.

"Today's negotiations reflected our joint wish - our joint wish with President Trump to readdress this negative situation in the bilateral relationship", he said.

Some at Fox seized on tweeted criticism by former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan, who said Trump's performance was near treasonous.

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