Google Phone app for Android updated with spam calls filter

Angelica Greene
July 18, 2018

Now you can set your phone up so that whenever Google detects a call is potentially spam it can automatically kick that call to voicemail so your phone won't even ring. Additionally, should the caller decide to leave a message in the voicemail, the receiver will still be able to access it. Basically, you find a new feature in the Caller ID & spam menu of the Google Phone app, which should prevent suspected spam calls from disturbing you when enabled. However, everyone's results may vary.

Caller ID and spam protection feature is on by default. It doesn't control whether user's number shows when user make calls.

Of course, Google doesn't have a library of every spam caller out there so you're bound to have a few spammers slip through the new filter at some point. Obviously, you can still listen to your voicemail if you want to, but you won't know if the app has detected a spam call. The assistant then calls the restaurant unaided - retrieving its contact details from Google Search - and has a conversation with an employee over the phone.

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Like Google's Gmail spam email filter, its spam call filter is likely to be highly effective even if it can not prevent all spam calls. Furthermore, when the Phone app suspects a spam call, it alerts a user by turning phone's entire screen red (when it rings). If the option is showing up, tap Report call as spam, and then tap Block. Tap the call you want to report as spam and then select "Block/report spam" from the menu (not everyone has the report as spam option).

Tap Block / report spam. Whenever I stick around long enough to talk to a rep so I can ask them to stop calling me again, they immediately hang up on me.

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