'Bring Back Hope Hicks!' Trump Reportedly Wants Former Aide Back

Pauline Gross
September 11, 2018

Woodward's latest work, Fear: Trump in the White House, paints a portrait of Trump as uninformed and mercurial.

When Colbert brought up the fact that some people in the Trump administration were portrayed as types of heroes, Woodward replied, "You get to know these people, and you realize they're speaking from conscience, because they are anxious about Trump doing things". I think we could be so rich if we weren't stupid. And you said you would get back to me.

"I mean, there is a coup, like saying there was a coup by General McClellan and his senior leadership in the Union Army to try to thwart what Abraham Lincoln wanted to do in the civil war".

What is going on in America, where years ago President Ronald Reagan said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear this wall down".

A September New York Times op-ed that was penned by a person who claimed to be an senior Trump administration official claims other White House officials are considering invoking the 25th Amendment in order to remove Trump from office.

The piece's publication has coincided with revelations from a new book by veteran journalist Bob Woodward that depicts a chaotic White House in which some aides have even removed papers from Trump's desk to prevent him from taking what they believe to be unwarranted actions.

"These are political statements to protect their jobs", he said.

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In a series of Tweets Monday, the president continued to lash out at Woodward personally and his book's portrayal of Trump as a foul-mouthed and bumbling egotist.

But, Colbert said, that's not going to be knowable "given that the hallmark of Trump's behavior in this book is that, from day to day, he may not remember what his idea was yesterday". But that's what they've said, and that's what's historical. Senator John McCain's funeral showed the extent of his isolation among the Washington establishment while presidential and congressional polls signalled a negative shift in how most Americans feel about him. All were quotes from Trump tweets.

In the book, Woodward claimed that Mattis had compared the president to a "fifth or sixth grader". "He and I both know this story is total BS".

Trump Jr. acknowledged that Republicans will struggle to maintain control of Congress in the midterms with a Republican in the White House, saying Democrats would take the House if the election follows precedent.

"I think historically speaking, that would be what happens", Trump Jr. said. "And in the end I know what I've done, and I'm not anxious about that at all, because you know, I've done nothing that anyone else wouldn't do in that position, in my opinion". You then are in that position to verify it with others and get a level of truth that's not available on the record, unfortunately.

Woodward was born in IL in 1943 and attended Yale University before serving in the US Navy until 1970. "I don't talk the way I am quoted".

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