Corbyn says he would support second Brexit referendum

Pauline Gross
September 24, 2018

British Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn says he would back a second Brexit referendum if his Labour Party voted to pursue the move, heaping pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May, whose plans for a divorce deal with the European Union have hit an impasse.

But the wording, decided after a five-hour compositing meeting, reads: "If we can not get a general election, Labour must support all options remaining on the table, including campaigning for a public vote".

Corbyn, an Arsenal supporter, is on Merseyside due to the Labour annual conference taking part in the city this weekend.

However, he pledged to respect the outcome of tomorrow's debate despite saying last week Labour wouldn't hold a second European Union referendum under a Corbyn premiership.

"Ultimately we are not in control of this process right now".

'What we don't want is MPs having to defend their positions in their local areas when they could be campaigning in Parliament'.

"He's got as much back bone as a jelly fish!" he said.

Former foreign secretary David Miliband said it was an "absolute dereliction of duty" for Labour not to say that the deal obtained by the Prime Minister must be put to the people.

Corbyn, a veteran eurosceptic who in 1975 voted "No" to Britain's membership of the then-European Community, said that while he would listen to a debate about any possible second vote on Britain's membership, he preferred a snap election if May failed to get a deal that Labour could support in parliament.

A YouGov survey of more than 1,000 Labour members for The Observer found 86% support a referendum on the outcome of Brexit talks, against just 8% who oppose it.

Mr Rees-Mogg has denied claims he intends to oust the party leader, but there have been outside calls for Labour to back the group of Tory rebels.

Ms Butler said: "We are in Liverpool, where over 30 years ago the council stood up to Thatcher and said better to break the law than break the poor".

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Mr Watson supported the idea of being joined in the leadership team by a female deputy, as did numerous trade union members of the NEC.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Shadow equalities minister Ms Butler's comments were criticised by fellow Labour frontbencher Baroness Thornton.

Fellow Lords frontbencher Lord Kennedy retweeted Lady Thornton, adding: "Well said".

A Labour spokesman said: "The point Dawn was making was that like the Thatcher government of the 1980s, this Tory Government has prioritised tax cuts for the rich while cutting services like women's refuges that save lives and keep women safe".

He has always been a critic of the EU's free-trade policies and must also find a way to reconcile the traditional working-class wing of his party, who mostly voted for Brexit, and his own army of younger supporters that want to stay in the bloc.

He told BBC radio any second vote should not include an option to stay in the EU.

He told Sophy Ridge on Sunday: "It seems to me inconceivable that if the Labour Party conference decides that it wants a manifesto pledge on a people's vote that we would defy that decision".

Mr Corbyn said he would be "bound" by any formal decision but refused to say whether he would support leaving the EU.

He told the Pienaar's Politics show: "We have a Government that can not govern".

Labour MPs now face a so-called "trigger ballot" before each general election, but have to fight other candidates only if a majority of local branches call for it.

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