Nintendo has patented a Game Boy case for smartphones

Angelica Greene
October 7, 2018

The company has apparently looked at producing a Game Boy-like case that would turn your mobile device into a working version of the classic handheld console, complete with D-pad, buttons, the whole thing.

It should also be noted that Nintendo were very specific to say that this Game Boy casing is not just going to be used for smart-phones. It's possible to "remove" the case and put it off to the side of your phone, but that still doesn't explain what you're supposed to do with the case when the face of it is covering up a lot of screen real estate.

According to the patent, which was unearthed by technology blog Siliconera, the physical buttons on the front of the case are created to interact with a touchscreen when the case is clasped over a smartphone.

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Nintendo's patent filing describes it as "a cover that is removably attachable to electronic equipment having a touch screen", suggesting a design that covers the front of a phone, while the patent also displays the classic rectangular Game Boy design.

This may look like a GameBoy, but it has a touchscreen device inside. Towards the bottom, you can see familiar action buttons, and the navigation buttons same as what you would find on the Game Boy. To support different phones, a variety of cases must be released or else players won't be able to play for a long time if they upgrade their phones. However, a recent patent filed by Nintendo hints at an exciting future for smartphone gaming. Today we're not talking about a 3rd-party case, but a Nintendo official case.

Either way, it seems that some sort of Game Boy emulation may be in the works at Nintendo, either for smartphones, tablets, or the Nintendo Switch.

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