Nasa shares stunning image of perfectly rectangle iceberg in Antarctica

Cesar Mills
October 23, 2018

Covering an estimated 5,800 sq km, the Larsen C ice shelf extends along the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula from Cape Longing to Smith Peninsula. They're usually formed when breaking off from ice shelves; in this case, it likely came from the deteriorating Larsen C-the same shelf that saw a 2,200 square-mile, trillion-ton iceberg break away a year ago.

Scientists from NASA came across one of the odd wonders of the natural world, a square-shaped iceberg from Antarctica.

A rectangular iceberg in Antarctica is capturing attention online for its near-perfect shape.

Scientists are now taking part in an airborne survey of Earth's ice as part of what is known as Operation IceBridge.

A photo shows a thick block of ice up to a mile long dramatically protruding from a sea of thin frozen water, thought to have recently splintered off.

"The iceberg's sharp angles and flat surface indicate that it probably recently calved from the ice shelf", tweeted NASA ICE last Wednesday.

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"The best thing I can say is that when a "trillion tonne" iceberg runs into an ice-covered rocky island (Bawden Ice Rise) the crystalline glacier ice will fracture along planes of weakness, much like a more typical mineral crystal might be cleaved".

Scientists from the European Space Agency wrote in September, 'Sea ice to the east and shallow waters to the north kept this giant berg, named A68, hemmed in.

Kelly Brunt, an ice scientist with NASA and the University of Maryland, said such icebergs are fairly common.

She said there were two types of iceberg.

It even has a name: A tabular iceberg, a type of iceberg both broad and flat. "And then you have what are called 'tabular icebergs'".

"What makes this one a bit unusual is that it looks nearly like a square", Brunt said.

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