What Does Trump's Withdrawal from INF Treaty Imply?

Pauline Gross
October 23, 2018

The BGM-109G, a ground-launched cruise missile shown here at the National Museum of the US Air Force, was one of the US weapons banned by the INF.

On Sunday, one of the original signatories of the INF treaty, Mikhail Gorbachev, said a USA withdrawal would reverse efforts made to achieve nuclear disarmament.

The threat issued over the weekend by US President Donald Trump to unilaterally rip up a key disarmament treaty with Russian Federation has provoked vows from Russian Federation to retaliate, expressions of sharp concern among Washington's NATO allies and near total silence from Trump's ostensible opposition in the Democratic Party.

He also referred to efforts by the United States to get out of the deal as "blackmail" with the objective of achieving concessions from Moscow in worldwide security issues.

"The issue is too serious to be dealt with through public debate". In the Pacific, China is likely to further improve and grow its armed forces to challenge the new USA missile deployments. "When they do, then we'll all be smart and we'll all stop".

In its latest Nuclear Posture Review published in February 2018, the Pentagon said: "In the nuclear context, the most significant Russian violation involves a system banned" by the INF Treaty.

Delivering this "explanation" is USA national security adviser John Bolton, the chief advocate within the Trump administration for abrogating the treaty and an anti-Russian hawk who had previously described Moscow's alleged "meddling" in the USA 2016 election as an "act of war". Hutchison told a press conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels that if Moscow continued its development and alleged deployment of the missile that Washington claims violates the INF treaty, the Pentagon was prepared to "take out" the missile.

"It needs to be emphasised that it is completely wrong to bring up China when talking about withdrawal from the treaty", said Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying.

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"There are still problems around this treaty and the President has said that in the past", Peskov said, referring to Putin.

President Donald Trump announced on Saturday that the U.S.is withdrawing from the INF, which was signed with the former Soviet Union.

"The point I made to Russian colleagues today was that I didn't think, whatever they had done in terms of meddling in the 2016 election, that they had any effect on it, but what they have had an effect in the United States is to sow enormousdistrust of Russia", Bolton told radio station Ekho Moskvy during his visit to Moscow, according to a transcript provided by the White House.

"The aggressor will have to understand that retaliation is inevitable, that it will be destroyed and that we, as victims of aggression, as martyrs, will go to heaven", he said. "The president noted the importance of this treaty, in particular for European security and our strategic stability", Macron's office said of the call.

In addition to beefing up its nuclear arsenal, Belousov said, the U.S.is developing a global ballistic missile defence.

In comments released after his meetings, Bolton denied Russian allegations the United States was using the threat of treaty withdrawal to blackmail Russia.

United States politics has been rocked by a series of accusations about potential Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

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