This iceberg is perfectly rectangular-here's why

Cesar Mills
October 24, 2018

The nearly perfectly rectangular iceberg spotted by NASA's Operation IceBridge is nothing unusual or unnatural, CNN reported.

WTF?! NASA has released an image showing an iceberg in Antarctica that appears so rectangular and flat, it looks purposely cut into shape.

"A tabular iceberg can be seen on the right, floating among sea ice just off of the Larsen C ice shelf", the U.S. space agency said.

Last month one of the largest icebergs ever recorded, a trillion-ton monster four times the size of London started moving and spinning as it breaks free of the ice.

NASA boffins have yet to measure this latest contender, but early estimates indicate it's unlikely to topple B-15 off the top spot for world's biggest iceberg, at a paltry (though still impressive, let's be honest) 1.6km wide.

For years, Antarctic scientists have documented the curiously straight-edged icebergs floating in the water after snapping off from ice shelves - the ends of massive glaciers that float over the ocean.

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Rectangular icebergs aren't even all that unusual, although this one is a bit more rectangular than most. We get the type that everyone can envision in their head that sank the Titanic, and they look like prisms or triangles at the surface and you know they have a insane subsurface. Tabular icebergs are more common than people realise.

He says it's a kind of formation called a tabular iceberg.

Although it's often said that there are no straight lines or flawless 90-degree angles in nature, they do happen, albeit rarely. Brunt added that only about 10 percent of the iceberg's mass is visible, the rest being underwater.

"The Larsen C is a large ice shelf".

"I was actually more interested in capturing the A68 iceberg that we were about to fly over, but I thought this rectangular iceberg was visually interesting and fairly photogenic, so on a lark, I just took a couple photos".

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