Consuming Organic Food Products Can Help Keep Cancer At Bay

Ebony Scott
October 26, 2018

Scientists named products, reducing the risk of cancer.

For this study, Baudry and her colleagues analyzed data from almost 69,000 people taking part in an ongoing French study of the associations between nutrition and health.

Researchers focused on 16 types of organic products: fruits; vegetables; soy-based products; dairy; meat and fish; eggs; grains and legumes; bread and cereals; flour; vegetable oils and condiments; ready-to-eat meals; coffee and tea; wine; cookies, chocolates and other candies; other foods; and dietary supplements.

However more studies are required to reach to confirm the link between organic foods and reduction in cancer risk.

The most common was 459 breast cancers, followed by 180 prostate cancers, 135 skin cancers, 99 colorectal cancers, 47 non-Hodgkin lymphomas, and 15 other lymphomas.

He says the findings are consistent with previous studies which have linked pesticides commonly used on fruit and veges with cancer, particularly non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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In the group with the lowest organic food consumption, the average score was 0.72, compared to 19.4 in the group with the highest consumption. In particular, the risk of developing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and breast cancer was reduced by 73% and 21% respectively.

The organic food questionnaire was also not validated, making it unclear what researchers were actually measuring. They "did not find any association for postmenopausal breast cancer but we did find that the association remained for all lymphomas", Baudry said.

Baudry and her colleagues concluded, "If the findings are confirmed, promoting organic food consumption in the general population could be a promising preventive strategy against cancer". Some researchers such as Dr. Jorge E. Chavarro from Department of Nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health remains skeptical. The reason for the results might be because of other lifestyle or environmental factors.

Before you take on a second job to afford the switch to organic, take note of the study's limitations. This revealed that the people who ate organic food most often had higher incomes, more education and higher-status jobs. Study participants also self-reported their food intake, and such self-reporting is notoriously inaccurate. Bean sprouts and soy are also good anti-cancer food. And, different conventional foods are more "dirty" (contaminated with pesticides) than others, he said, so eating certain organic foods does a better job of protecting us against ingesting pesticides than others.

For many people, the often-higher cost of organic food is a barrier.

Doctors say more research needs to be done to look at the specific role that organic food may play in cancer prevention.

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