Assassin's Creed Odyssey's November update will add monsters, quests, and more

Angelica Greene
November 9, 2018

Even so, the developers have made clear their plans to release consistent content updates going forward.

Ubisoft has revealed in a new update video that the player level cap in Assassin's Creed Odyssey will be getting bumped up to 70 in the next update. Thankfully, Ubisoft plans to address this issue in the latest update coming this month. The first, The Show Must Go On, lets you be an actor in a play, whereas the second, Divine Intervention, has you completing divine trials. Also, Ubisoft will raise the 50-level cap "by no less than 20 levels", add visual customization for gear, and include an auto-crafting option for arrows. 'This will be available for all players. A new quest named The Lightning Bringer will appear in your quest log and will take you to the one-eyed monster.

Accompanying the new series of quests are epic mercenaries to fight on land and at sea, a new mythical beastie to batter and two new item sets themed around Odysseus. Winning these tough opponents will reward you not only with Orichalcum to use at the Olympian's Oikos dealer but also with a new ship design or equipment.

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At first it was mentioned here and there that we should not expect to have the level of customization in Odyssey like we had in Origins.

Detailed statistics have also arrived to the game, showing a lot of interesting and useful info on what kind of boosts, benefits and perks you get from your gear pieces. For players who are already at level 50, all the experience you've accumulated up to this point will automatically count towards the new level cap, and your progress should be updated accordingly. However, bringing him down will reward players with a fancy Legendary Bow.

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