Trump to Dems threatening investigation: 'Two can play that game!'

Pauline Gross
November 9, 2018

What difference will the new Congress make?

With Democrats seizing control of the House, Republicans for the first time in the Trump era will no longer hold sway in all branches of the federal government.

Only Dean Heller in Nevada - a bad candidate who resembled a used auto salesman more than a senator (not the only one) - has fallen thus far to Jacky Rosen.

The first move likely belongs to Democrats.

Observers say it's likely that House Republicans will now be ready to pass a compromise in the upcoming lame duck session rather than starting over in a Democratic-controlled House and risking a result they would like even less.

Donald Trump was buoyed by victories that added to the Republican majority in the US Senate. "All you're going to do is end up in back-and-forth and back-and-forth, and two years is going to go up, and we won't have done a thing". "This doesn't mean we go looking for a fight, but it means that if we see a need to go forward, we will", she said.

"The tax bill was written in 51 days without one hearing or without one witness offering testimony", Neal said during a wide-ranging news conference in MA on Wednesday. Though no formal war room was established, senior aides convened meetings to map out the administration's strategy for combating newly emboldened Democrats.

For almost two years, Mr. Trump has publicly flouted his oath of office.

The central strategy: play defense by going on offense and turning the public against Democratic investigations by painting the probes as overreach created to cause gridlock.

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Mueller's team also has been pressing for an interview with Trump. "He has no reason to recuse himself", Malcolm told VOA. He could also refuse to sign off on a subpoena of Trump if the president refuses to voluntarily speak to investigators.

Trump, meanwhile, warned that a flood of investigations of his administration would prompt "a warlike posture". Turnover in the White House counsel's office - Don McGahn has departed and his replacement, Pat Cipollone, has not started yet - has slowed some planning for how to confront legal challenges.

"Every Coloradan, whether you are a Democrat, Independent or Republican, has reason to celebrate", state Sen.

Some Democrats already in the House, like Representative Seth Moulton of MA, also oppose Pelosi, saying she has not encouraged a younger generation of Democrats to move into leadership positions. "You have to really give the voters what they want". Instead of speaking out, Republicans stood by while Trump degraded American democracy and undermined the institutions that support it. He said the era of a state government that is in constant partisan gridlock or dysfunction because of a combative and often hostile governor was about to come to a close.

Beyond Pelosi, the GOP also will run aggressive ad campaigns and unleash talking-point attacks against the committee leaders who will run the probes.

New York Democrat Jerrold Nadler, the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said it was "way too early" to discuss that step.

He and Pelosi, the Kentucky senator said, are "not unfamiliar" with one another as longtime leaders and colleagues. It's a moment that has Nancy Pelosi feeling a sense of urgency to once again hold the speaker's gavel. Republican Bill Schuette got 1.8 million votes for his gubernatorial bid, 300,000 more than Rick Snyder won four years ago - but fell more than 400,000 short of Democrat Gretchen Whitmer. He also encouraged conservatives to foster what he believes would be counter-productive impeachment talk among Democrats. According to exit polls, they were about evenly split this year, with 50 percent choosing Democrats, compared to 48 percent who chose Republicans.

The president also suggested that, somehow, losing a House majority could be beneficial to his agenda because Democrats will want to work with him. White House aides sounded a note of pessimism that a sweeping legislative deal on immigration or infrastructure could be struck but thought there could be bipartisan energy on issues like criminal justice reform and opioids. The success mirrored last year's closely watched race for governor, where Democrats trounced Republicans in all three statewide races in 2017 and won more seats in the state House than virtually anyone expected.

Not only that, the complexion of the Senate has changed beyond just party affiliation.

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