Bill Nelson campaign seeks to lift Florida recount deadlines

Pauline Gross
November 14, 2018

After Tuter told all sides to meet to discuss a compromise, they agreed to add three deputies to the elections office.

That's because James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and the other framers didn't even prescribe a popularly elected Senate. "In some ways, though, things are just as bad".

"We will probably transition sometime either this afternoon or early evening to the Election Day recount, and we are looking to be completed sometime early in the morning", D'Alessandro said.

Statewide popular elections for the U.S. Senate are relatively modern and didn't fully evolve until after the 17th Amendment was passed in 1913.

"In 2000, a number of election supervisors were poorly trained", he said. That seems to work for Canada, at least by comparison to the U.S.

Over the weekend, a machine recount began in the race between outgoing Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott and incumbent Democratic US Senator Bill Nelson, with another recount underway for the Florida gubernatorial race between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum.

President Donald Trump again weighed in on Florida's election recount Tuesday, calling for the state's Democratic senator to admit he lost and again implied two counties' election officials are trying to steal the election from the Republicans without offering any proof. Bill Nelson that is the subject of an ongoing recount.

Nelson was just 0.15 percent behind Scott prior to the recount. "He's thrown around words like voter fraud with no proof".

The latter part is certainly true.

Off all three races in Monroe County, only Republican Scott came out the loser, to Democratic Sen.

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Snipes, who is African-American, said she wondered if her gender or race was fueling the attacks. In the 2004 Washington governor's race, Democrat Christine Gregoire trailed by 261 votes in the initial count, but won by 133 after the recount.

Nevertheless, he concluded, the setup is ripe for corruption and Scott must recuse himself.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) called for Snipes' removal from office in a tweet on Monday, saying that she "failed to comply with Florida law on multiple counts". But Bonfiglio's lawsuit points to concerns that the Palm Beach County supervisor of elections office will not be able to finish machine recounts by a 3 p.m. Thursday deadline in his race and in the races for governor and agriculture commissioner. And as Democrats fight to have every voice heard, Republican shouting about voter fraud without evidence serves a double purpose-it not only provides an excuse for trying to halt the count now, it sets up the justification for the Republicans' ultimate move in the Senate race later. Any margin smaller than 0.25 results in an automatic recount by hand.

Other states are also waiting on key races to be decided. And it is those rules that have determined Nelson's shot is close enough to be taken seriously. Schumer said of Scott: "He's a contestant in this election and can't possibly be trusted to be a neutral and fair arbiter as the votes are tallied".

That was a scenario that even the presidential election of 2000 did not portend, Hasen said.

In addition to the continuous post-election count in Broward and Palm Beach counties, news broke this week that in one of the Panhandle counties ravaged by Hurricane Michael last month, the supervisor of elections allowed some voters to submit ballots by email, for which there is no provision in state law.

"An honest vote count is no longer possible" in Florida, Trump declared Monday, without elaborating.

Scott said Ms Snipes had a history of violating state law during vote-counting.

Trump has made shamelessness and hyper-partisanship his White House brand, so nothing new there.

McDonald also says the rhetoric being tossed out by GOP Senate candidate Gov. Rick Scott and President Trump, including charges of fraud and missing or forged ballots, "does not match the facts on the ground".

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