Amazon reveals its own blockchain platform

Angelica Greene
December 1, 2018

With Managed Blockchain, AWS explained that setting up a blockchain network is as easy as a few clicks in the AWS Management Console.

VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts allows, well, customers to run VMware Cloud on AWS locally on AWS Outposts, and is geared at users who want to use the same VMware control plane and APIs they've been using to run their infrastructure up until now.

As the cloud has increasingly become the default choice for organisations, it has attracted two distinct types of builders.

"VMware Cloud on AWS broke the barriers between the data center and the cloud by combining the best of the private cloud and public cloud in the AWS cloud", said Pat Gelsinger, chief executive officer, VMware.

Amazon, which is starting with its own hardware, will deliver and install Outposts at customers' facilities and then provide maintenance, fix the hardware and automatically update the software. Amazon Managed Blockchain takes care of the rest, creating a blockchain network that can span multiple AWS accounts with multiple nodes per member, and configuring software, security, and network settings.

Enterprises migrating to AWS often need to manage a large number of accounts, distributed teams, and applications. Because many AWS Ground Station antennas are co-located with AWS Regions, customers have low-latency, local access to other AWS services to process and store this data.

The small race vehicle has an HD camera, a dual-core Intel processor and other hardware that will allow it to pilot itself using reinforcement learning.

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It's worth noting that Amazon itself is an Oracle customer, but is in the highly public process of changing that, with Jassy tweeting earlier this month: "Amazon's Consumer business turned off its Oracle data warehouse Nov 1 and moved to Redshift". (AWS) through integration with technology, the channel and workforce diversity.

The announcement comes soon after the launch of AWS Transit Gateways, which will provide a single way to manage the network resources, both in cloud and on-premises.

"We want to help all of our customers embrace machine learning, no matter their size, budget, experience, or skill level", said Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president, Amazon Machine Learning.

Back on stage he neatly pivoted to talking about Amazon's own cloud-based relational database Aurora, which he asserts remains the fastest-growing AWS service in history.

Announced this Wednesday, November 28, 2018, at the Amazon's re:Invent conference, the Amazon Managed Blockchain service will help users to easily build blockchain networks, with the advantage of not having to incur the extra costs of creating their own platform.

AWS Lake Formation removes much of this heavy lifting, allowing customers to build a data lake in a matter of days.

This functionality could be of particular interest to the financial services industry, as head of financial services at AWS Scott Mulins told Computerworld UK, particularly as a means of overcoming some of their data residency issues. AWS Inferentia will support the TensorFlow, Apache MXNet, and PyTorch deep learning frameworks, as well as models that use the ONNX format.

On Monday, AWS launched Graviton processors for data centers to help customers manage costs with scale-out workloads. At a specially-constructed racing area in the MGM Grand Garden Arena dubbed the "AWS DeepRacer MGM Speedway", developers tested their reinforcement learning models and had their lap times with their cars recorded onto a Speedway Leaderboard.

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