Microsoft to ditch EdgeHTML in favor of Chromium

Angelica Greene
December 5, 2018

This is of course very exciting news for everybody but the Edge developing team, the new browser should indeed much faster and have numerous features we love from Chrome or Opera. The next time you come across a video using the AV1 codec, as a file or on the web, Windows 10 will be able to play the video using the Movies & TV app or in Microsoft Edge.

Windows Central cites anonymous sources who say that Microsoft Edge is getting a re-do as a result of its lackluster success since its introduction in 2015, despite being positioned as fast, lightweight and secure.

That means that a new engine is needed, and according to reports it sounds like Google's Chromium will pick up the slack.

Now, however, we may be near the point in which Microsoft throws in the towel and switches to a browser based on Chromium, Google's open-source browser project upon which Chrome (and several other browser, like fearless or Opera) is built.

There's still no official name for the browser.

Microsoft is set to abandon its Edge web browser and develop a new "Anaheim" browser based on the same underlying technology as Google's Chrome, it has been claimed.

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An announcement from Microsoft about the new Chromium browser could happen as early as this week, according to a report from The Verge.

Now, sources tell Windows Central that Microsoft plans to throw out that browser and build a new one based on Chromium, an open-source engine that was originally used in Google Chrome. Edge's current engine, EdgeHTML, is perfectly functional and a far sight better than Internet Explorer ever was.

Despite referring to the OS as Windows 10 Lite, Petri says there's a good chance that Microsoft's in-dev OS won't use Windows branding at all. Moreover, using an engine that's common among the majority of browsers lets developers (and in turn, users) avoid inter-browser website compatibility issues.

Before we bang the major failure drum too much, though, at least Microsoft has had the courage to make the realization that it needs to switch - assuming that we do indeed see the new Chromium-powered effort unveiled imminently.

Microsoft is working with Morphisec and Cisco to fix the issue meanwhile the only quick solution is uninstalling the affected software until the updated version of affected software is released and allow users to install the Windows 10 update.

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