Baby born to woman with uterus from deceased donor

Ebony Scott
December 6, 2018

But a viable procedure to transplant uteri from deceased women could drastically increase the availability of the organs. And 35-and-a-half weeks after that, she gave birth to a seemingly healthy baby girl, delivered via cesarean section with no complications.

The transplanted uterus was removed during the procedure, and no anomalies were seen.

The Lancet reports that the mother had Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, a condition that causes the uterus and vagina to not develop properly.

Seven months after the 10-hour transplant surgery - after menstruation began, and once it became evident that the patient's body had not rejected the organ - doctors implanted the uterus with one of the patient's own eggs.

The donor was a 45-year-old woman who died from a stroke.

They say that 10 other uterus transplants from deceased donors were performed in the U.S., Turkey and Czech Republic, but none of them resulted in live births.

11 other births have resulted from living donors, including women who donated their uteruses to their daughters.

"The use of deceased donors could greatly broaden access to this treatment, and our results provide proof-of-concept for a new option for women with uterine infertility", says lead researcher Dani Ejzenberg from Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo.

"It enables use of a much wider potential donor population, applies lower costs and avoids live donors' surgical risks", Saso stated.

"The Brazilian group has proven that using deceased donors is a viable option", said the clinic's Dr. Tommaso Falcone, who was involved in the OH case. "This is a life-giving transplant, a new category", said Dr. Allan D. Kirk, the chief surgeon at Duke University Health System, who was not involved in the research. Doctors also removed the womb, partly so the woman would no longer have to take anti-rejection medicines.

In the case announced on Tuesday, the mother is a 32-year-old female who had congenital infertility.

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While there have been several cases of successful deliveries following uterine transplants from family and friends, it was once believed that a transplant from a deceased donor was not possible.

The world's first baby has been born via a uterus transplanted from a dead donor.

The baby girl was born in December 2017, but had to be closely monitored to ensure she was meeting appropriate developmental milestones.

Uterine transplantation is a multi-step process that requires coordination among numerous physicians.

Two more transplants are planned as part of the Brazilian study.

A doctor involved in the transplant said the uterus was preserved in ice for almost eight hours demonstrating the organ's resilience.

"This was the most important thing in her life", he said.

Of this group, one in 500 women have problems with their uterus - due, for example, to a malformation, hysterectomy, or infection - that prevent them from becoming pregnant and carrying a child to term.

In this trial, the mother was given standard doses of immune suppression medications for nearly six months, with positive results, before implantation of the embryo was completed.

The medical team at the Hospital das Clinicas holding the first baby to be born following a uterus transplant from a deceased donor.

Five months was given to ensure that the uterus transplant was successful.

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