Here's how Wisconsin Republicans want to strip power from incoming Democrats

Pauline Gross
December 7, 2018

Republicans in both states say they need to reduce the powers of their Democratic attorneys general and strengthen their own authority to preserve GOP initiatives such as voter ID.

"Republicans say the bill would not in any way affect the voter-approved ballot measure and would ensure 'partisan evenness and equity" on the commission.

The attorney general's office, meanwhile, wouldn't be allowed to withdraw from federal lawsuits.

The legislation also limits the state's early voting period to two weeks.

"This is a heck of a way to run a railroad", Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling said as the Senate debate resumed at 5 a.m. Wednesday after a seven-hour impasse.

Republicans disputed criticism that the legislation would undermine the role of the attorney general.

The bill was sent to the GOP-led House on Thursday for consideration as early as next week, following a similar move to restrict the powers of incoming Democrats in neighboring Wisconsin.

The votes early Wednesday were the height of a rare lame-duck legislative session.

The legislature is also expected to pass a law allowing it to intervene in litigation involving the state, a power normally reserved for the attorney general's office, which will be occupied by a Democrat starting next month.

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Kaul vowed to withdraw Wisconsin from a multi-state lawsuit that seeks a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, known commonly as Obamacare.

"Our job, fighting for what we believe for our constituents, who all voted for us, want us to have the ability to win a hand on occasion", Vos said. Republicans in both MI and Wisconsin will see eight years of total control of state government end in January, when Democrats take over the governor's mansions and other top executive posts.

Michigan Republicans, succeeding the strategies of conservative lawmakers in Wisconsin, marched ahead to commence restricting the power of the approaching Democratic secretary of state and ready the stage for supplementary restraint on the Democrats who will succeed as the governor and attorney general in January.

Republicans maintained legislative majorities in the midterms, winning 11 state Senate seats to Democrats' six and 63 state Assembly seats to Democrats' 36.

Among the political flashpoints in this lame-duck session in Lansing are pieces of legislation that would limit the power of the attorney general and the secretary of state.

The legislature passed the bill as an election fraud investigation is under way into a absentee ballot scheme in a USA congressional race in the state. That chamber ultimately approved the package 17-16, with just one Republican voting against it, around sunrise.

"We're seeing more and more public policy issues being addressed in the courts, rather than exclusively in the legislative branch", he said.

A public policy analyst contends that Republicans would be very upset if Democrats did what the lame duck Republican leadership is doing in Wisconsin.

Both Evers and Kaul urged Republicans not to do it and warned of lawsuits that would bring more gridlock to Wisconsin when the new administration, and the first divided government in 10 years, takes over.

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