Hyundai takes off-roading to next level with Elevate walking auto

Ivan Schwartz
January 10, 2019

According to Hyundai, the vehicle can can climb a 1.5 metre wall, step over a 1.5m gap, walk over diverse terrain, and achieve a 4.6m wide track width, while keeping the occupants level.

Despite looking like a cross between a Mars rover and those murderous metalheads from a Black Mirror episode, the Hyundai Elevate is being developed for first responders who must often save disaster victims within a crucial 72-hour window of time.

Thankfully, a picture saves a thousand words and a video even more, so I don't have to describe the articulation of this spidery legged Hyundai Elevate.

"When a tsunami or quake hits, current rescue vehicles can only deliver first responders to the edge of the debris field".

John Suh, head of Hyundai's technology development arm, Cradle, said: "Current rescue vehicles can only deliver responders to the edge of the debris field".

The Hyundai Elevate Concept essentially combines the best elements of a rugged off-road vehicle with those of a humanoid robot (think Boston Dynamics).

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"There may well be applications in terms of emergency services - but there are very big technological challenges to make this sort of thing". In "mammalian mode", the legs are extended below, and the vehicle moves with an nearly humanlike gait.The vehicle can walk in any direction and is capable of stepping over a five-foot gap and climbing over a five-foot wall as well as speeding along a highway, according to the company.Just don't expect "Elevate" to show up in Hyundai showrooms anytime soon. The "Elevate" (so-called for reasons that ought to be obvious, if you've already scrolled through the pics) is what Hyundai calls a "Ultimate Mobility Vehicle", or UMV.

The legs also fold up into a stowed drive-mode, where power to the joints is cut, and the use of an integrated passive suspension system maximises battery efficiency.

Hyundai says that the Elevate can drive at highway speeds like a conventional vehicle.

More than 2,000 years after the wheelbarrow's debut in classical Greece, ushering in a new era of locomotion, Hyundai's latest concept auto is created to walk as easily as it rolls. "The possibilities are limitless".

Hyundai sees its hybrid, multi-use electric invention as a search-and-rescue vehicle that could climb over boulders or debris, or as a taxi that move up a set of stairs and unrolls a wheelchair ramp for disabled passengers.

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