IBM Sees Revenue From Quantum Computing in as Soon as Two Years

Angelica Greene
January 10, 2019

"The IBM Q System One is a major step forward in the commercialization of quantum computing", Arvind Krishna, senior vice president of Hybrid Cloud and director of IBM Research said in a statement.

The famous computer manufacturer company has unveiled what it is calling the World's first Quantum Computing machine that could be used by businesses. It's a cryogenically cooled, nine-foot-tall and nine-foot-wide cube that tackles some of the practical challenges involved in operating a quantum computer.

IBM has always been a front-runner when it comes to quantum computing; back in 2017, the firm showed off a prototype commercial 17-qubit processor that formed the core of the first IBM Q early-access systems, which saw the company laying out its ambitions to build commercially-available universal quantum computing systems. IBM said the Q System One makes it possible to reset qubits in a matter of hours, instead of the days or weeks it normally takes. "As we continue our own research and development efforts in the areas of energy and chemical manufacturing, our agreement with IBM will allow us to expand our knowledge base and potentially apply new solutions in computing to further advance those efforts". The casing is important: Qubits lose their quantum computing properties outside of very specific conditions.

According to a spokesperson from the firm: "Future applications of quantum computing may include finding new ways to model financial data and isolating key global risk factors to make better investments, or finding the optimal path across global systems for ultra-efficient logistics and optimising fleet operations for deliveries".

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ExxonMobil will become the first energy company to join the IBM Q Network.

IBM Q systems are created to one-day tackle problems that are now seen as too complex and exponential in nature for classical computers to handle. However, quantum computers are much more powerful. The company now works with about 80 universities in the United States, Europe and Asia to explore next-generation energy technologies. Whereas the bits found in a traditional computer hold either a 1 or a 0 at any given time, the quantum equivalent - the qubit - can exist in both states at once. IBM has, therefore, consolidated all the components of the Q System One into a glass-enclosed, air-tight environment.

IBM has really done it: the company announced the Q System One during CES 2019 and has dubbed it the "world's first integrated universal approximate quantum computing system designed for scientific and commercial use".

This case is purpose-built to eliminate outside interference and lengthen the lifespan of quantum computing's units of information called qubits so they survive long enough to perform useful calculations without interference from external sound, vibrations, or temperature fluctuations.

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